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When you are facing a marital breakdown or separation from your partner, often disputes develop as regards the children, finances and property. Or it may be that you face care proceedings whereby your children have been removed from your care.

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Court of protection

Not being able to manage your health and financial affairs can be difficult and stressful for you and your family. Advanced planning will give you more control over what happens to you, and enable you to choose someone to make decisions for you when you are no longer able to.

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Seeking asylum or being under the threat of deportation, marrying someone from a foreign jurisdiction, or hoping to run a business, are all matters often faced by those who seek permanency in the UK.

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Whether you are an employer or employee, dealing with employment matters can be problematic being wrapped up in legal “red tape”. Getting legal advice at the earliest opportunity is crucial to protecting your position.

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It can be stressful getting your child into the right school even more so when your child/young person has special needs that must be met. The wrong school can cause them to fall behind, not reach their potential and struggle to maintain a place. With our experience and knowledge we can support you to meet any challenge thrown up by the rules and regulations of the educational system.

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Losing your liberty is a life changing experience. Seeking early advice and representation is key to ensuring that your liberty is preserved.

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Professional regulation

Finding your way around the rules and regulations of your governing body can be a daunting and stressful prospect, particularly when your reputation and/or career is adversely affected. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field we can provide you with practical and expert advice on your regulatory problems.

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Angela Campbell, the owner of the firm, has been in private practice for over 32 years. She set up in partnership as Campbell Chambers Solicitors and subsequently became the sole practitioner of the firm.

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